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No matter your location...


  • I can find you and interview agents in your local area to make sure you get the best fit. (e.g.- agents who are great with VA loans, rentals, or second homes.)
  • I make hiring the right agent easy!
  • There is no obligation - You meet the agent and decide for yourself.


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You have absolutely nothing to lose.


Are All Agents the Same?

As in any profession, each employee has their own resume. They are better in some areas more than others. In real estate, there are a vast number of specialties. Not only experience matters, but personality too. Will you get along with an agent who has a personality completely opposite of yours? These are some of the things I can take into consideration while finding the right agent for you.


Why Ask for A Referral?

The real estate industry is full of all sorts of agents. Finding the right one on the first try is not only more desirable but can save you a lot of money. Add that to the amount of lost time, lost opportunity, and unneeded stress, and you’ll start to see the point. With a free referral service from a top notch agent, what have you got to lose?


Why Is the Service Free?

Real estate agents have a reputation for networking. This is true for a reason. I want you to like my service and tell your friends! In addition, I only make money when successful transactions happen. So, when, and only when, you are happy with your service, I get a small referral fee from other agents. This ensures everyone’s interests are focused on optimal customer service!


How Do I Choose the Best Agents?

  • Brokerages with proven success records
  • Excellent and efficient communicators
  • Up to date with the latest market trends
  • Using the most effective technology of today
  • Backed by the best legal team, exerts, and administration