The Best Time To Sell Your Home Is...

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So according to a report from ATTOM Data Solutions, right now, May is the most profitable month to sell your home. But although May is the best month, the single best day to sell your home happens to fall in June.

This study analyzed more than 14 million homes across the US over a six-year span from 2011-2017. It revealed that homeowners who sold their homes throughout May had a sales price an average of 5.9% above market value. This was higher than any other month.

Once again, the single best day of the year to sell your home, falls later in June, on June 28th. According to the study by ATTOM, over the last few years June 28th home sales rise to 9.1% above the national average. May and June alone aren’t the only good times to sell your home though. Here are the five best dates, according to ATTOM:

June 28th (9.1% sales premium above market value)

February 15th (9.0%)

May 31st (8.3%)

May 29th (8.2%)

June 21st (8.1%)

Now, keep in mind that these dates all represent a national trend. Depending on your area, particularly in warmer areas, winter months could be ideal. For example, in Miami Florida the most profitable month to ell a home is in January. In Phoenix Arizona, the best month falls in November.

Now we know what the best months are, lets take other thoughts into consideration. Every area is different. Every type of real estate is different. Every real estate agent is different. Its important not to base your decision off just one idea alone.

Let’s have a one on one chat about your particular needs, and come up with a customized plan to get the most from your home.