5 Inexpensive & Quick DIY Improvements

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Home Improvement

Updating your home to be more chic - without looking cheap - is completely doable on a budget.

If you're looking to add more value and class to your home, a Do It Yourself project can give your home an extra sense of style while saving you money. You don't need to cringe at those three little words: "do it yourself." There really are fast, easy and affordable projects you can do on your own. Here are five easy ways to enhance your home.

1. Replace Your Light Fixtures
Switching out an old light fixture for a more elegant one is an easy way to shift the ambiance of a room. It only takes a few screws and wire nuts, that even come with the new fixture! By adding a sophisticated light fixture, you can control the intensity of the light and character of your room. And you don't need to pay a pretty penny for expensive new fixtures - you can even buy used fixtures online. Just make sure to turn off the light switch before you touch the wires! 

2. Incorporate Floating Shelves
Installing floating shelves in your home combines the functionality of extra space with a bit of style and personal flair. Floating shelves can be mounted on walls in many different patterns, and they come in various materials to give your rooms a unique touch. For a smaller room choose shallow shelves to display framed photos; for a larger room you can afford to use deeper shelves to hold vases, books and other display items.

3. Make an Accent Wall
Painting an accent wall can add a pop of color and liven up a room. Without much risk, a homeowner of any skill level can tackle this project. All you need is some painter's tape, a brush/roller and the color that suits you! Just make sure the color you choose is complementary with the other colors in the room. Stay consistent between warm and cool tones and nothing extremely bold.

4. Put Up Decorative Molding
Adding decorative molding around your home can add some extra elegance. Install molding to the ceiling by capping walls, columns and cabinets, or add chair molding lower down the wall. Using detailed molding you can add character to your rooms while also making them feel taller and more finished All you'll need is a saw to cut the angles and something to nail with. Wear your safety glasses! 

5. Build A Decorative Fire Pit
Move your sophisticated style outside by building a stone fire pit in your backyard. Completed in only a few hours, take uniquely shaped rocks or large stones and put them together to create a functional and stylish fire pit. Then, add some type of seating. Before starting the project, be sure to check your local fire codes and homeowners association to ensure you are safely allowed to start building.

Remember... Adding a touch of class to your home doesn't have to break the bank! For your own sake, only start with one project at a time, allowing yourself to complete one before starting the next. Otherwise, you'll fall victim to chronic project incompleteness syndrome - not fun, or a good look!

Which one of these five inexpensive DIY projects will you try first?